A Lover’s Offering

DSCN0825When I ventured out yesterday to plant the new arrivals I came across this rose in the woodland edge border, either carelessly discarded or carefully placed by some unseen hand. The stem had been cut, but the rose was perfectly fresh so it didn’t seem as if it could have been lying there for long – was it a tryst gone wrong, had a secret lover changed their mind, or had I inadvertently dropped  prunings from ‘Parkdirecktor Riggers’? I’ll never know, but I seriously doubt the latter as it must be at least two or three weeks since I did any trimming in that border…

Another discovery during the planting experience was a clump of fresh green shoots just below the ground in the same border (I suspect  it might be Fritillaria uva vulpis, which I grew successfully for the first time last year with fresh bulbs), AND an awareness of flower buds on one of the hellebores I might have bought from Batsford, although as I wasn’t responsible for the flowers I don’t suppose it counts. Spring is coming – hurrah!

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