Taken for Granted

I know I have overlooked these violas at the front of the house in end of month views and bloom days, probably taking them entirely for granted as I regularly park my car right up to them and the Golfer up to their partner basket. I have just checked back in the blog to see when I first planted them up and it turns out to be almost two months ago – quite a surprise, so not surprising then that they have filled out considerably in that time. I did have a quick peek to see if any of the Narcissus ’Pencrebar’ were poking their heads through yet, not that I really imagined for one minute that they might be!

Having been a little debilitated by a stomach bug this week I have not been up to anything even slightly strenuous (hence a short walk to the front of the house for today’s – and yesterday’s – photograph), so have caught up with some pre-Christmas preparations and have today dipped into one of my birthday presents – ‘My Secret Garden’,  with wonderful photographs of Alan Titchmarsh’s private garden throughout the year, with his own inimitable and deeply personal commentary. I would certainly recommend it as a gift for yourself or for gardening friends and family.

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6 Responses to Taken for Granted

  1. paulinemulligan says:

    So sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling too good lately, no fun at this time of year, hope you feel better soon. Mr.T’s book is on my Christmas wish list, hope someone has had a look at it!
    Your violas are very pretty, flowering away in spite of the cold, we found some narcissus up in the woodland the other day, up about 5 inches and these aren’t even my very early ones !!

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks for your good wishes, Pauline. I am amazed to hear about your narcissi – I know you have the benefit of your SW location, but do you regularly get signs of ‘spring’ as early as this? I must admit I have checked my snowdrops and hellebores since recent posts, but no, no signs yet.

  2. Anna B says:

    Your violas look lovely! Funny how sometimes things just get missed? I did the same thing last weekend when I was just walking down the street to my house and noticed that my hanging basket, right next to the door, (right by my head every day when I go in and out) was still full of flowering pelargoniums!! How could I have missed that? Yet I notice all the things I need to tidy up in the front garden, but not the lovely things. Surely it should be the other way around. I feel inspired by your post not to take my plants for granted anymore and I will try to look and see things now rather than look and think about mess 🙂 Lovely post. Hope you feel better soon x

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks for your kind thought Anna. I can’t believe you have pelargoniums still flowering – have you ever tried overwintering them? I did try with petunias once as they were still so leafy by December, but I probably didn’t give them enough attention and they succcombed to one of really cold spells. After photographing the violas yesterday I noticed a lone pansy flowering in the pot by the front door, left over from LAST winter and not having been replaced with anything in the summer. I am clearly quite negligent with my garden housekeeeping!

  3. Violas are more than worthy of the label “good does” and such cheerful flowers too. Sorry to hear that you have been unwell. Hope that you are soon on the mend.

  4. Anna says:

    P.S. Oooops – had not logged out of our fledgling WordPress allotment blog Cathy so my comment has appeared under the guise of Clifton Road Allotments 🙂

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