Nobbut a Drop*

* Nothing but a Drop, aka We’ve-had-More-Rain-and-the-Flooding-is-Worse-but-Patient-Gardener-has-Beaten-me-to-my-Original-Post-Title

I had anticipated posting pictures of a local woodland today, in what would have been our belatedly first visit to an 11 acre local woodland, bought 5 years ago by a local couple. I remember the ‘For Sale’ signs going up, wishing I had the wherewithal to put in a bid myself, and rather dreading what the successful bidder might do to it. However, it soon became clear that the new owners intended to actively manage it to maintain the bio-diversity as well as introduce controlled access for the public. I have read many reports in the local paper about the progress and have been thrilled to see what is being achieved by the owners who say the purchase has changed their lives, but have yet to manage a visit on one of the open days. We were thwarted, though, by a further 18mm of rain giving rise to the flooding of one of our alternative routes following the earlier flooding of our usual one – this would have meant a less than 4 mile round trip becoming over 20 miles, although if we possessed waders we could of course have done it on foot.

Hey ho! The best laid plans…. Instead, I spent time sweeping up and bagging more leaves, marvelling again at the variation in each pile, and rediscovering the benefits of a decent pair of leaf grabbers (Aldi’s are infinitely more useful than Poundland’s). I rewarded myself for all that bending and sweeping by naughtily going onto Amazon’s website as soon as I noticed a new book mentioned in the Sunday Times seasonal book reviews and ordering a copy (‘Snowdrops’ by Gunter Waldorf). I could have waited till I had been asked for Christmas suggestions I suppose, but having got a birthday before then I had already given Alan Titchmarsh’s ‘My Secret Garden’ to Younger Daughter as an idea when asked for one, and she might not have wanted another book suggestion. That’s my excuse, anyway.

Instead of some wet woodland photos (or wet piles of leaves photos) you are being treated to the mouthwatering sight of 3 jars of yummy lemon curd, one of which was soon emptied to become the filling a doubly yummy Swiss Roll (mmm….. ):

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4 Responses to Nobbut a Drop*

  1. paulinemulligan says:

    Home made lemon curd is the best, enjoy!!
    I can sympathise with your roads being flooded, we are having to make detours every time we go out. We are trying to stay away from Exeter at the moment, our son and dil were due to come this weekend to Exeter station, but we advised them not to after we saw the film of the railway line being washed away! So glad your woodland was saved to stay a woodland, there are some good people left!

    • Cathy says:

      Yes, your weather has been much worse than ours – it’s all relative, isn’t it? I heard about the railway being washed away – will your son be able to reschedule his visit?

  2. Anna says:

    Look forward to reading about your woodland visit at some stage in the future when the weather is more favourable, Good to read that it is flourishing in the hands of new owners. I thought that you were going to say that you rewarded yourself with a cake after all that energetic leaf sweeping but a book is better. The very same snowdrop book is coming to me soon too 🙂

    • Cathy says:

      But I had the cake as well, Anna – is that too greedy for words?! Yesterday was the last open day of the year for the woodland, but I shall email and see if anything else can be arranged.

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