A Creative Path

(any  daughters, sisters or female friends of mine please close your eyes now…)

The pressure has been dropping and what had been a general dampness in the air has turned into a dripping dampness today. I made a token gesture of gardening, sweeping the paths into multicoloured piles of leaves – dainty pale yellow of the wild plum, a glorious copper from the beech next door, butter yellow and spiky field maple, and the larger brown and orange of the hazels. The breeze had dropped a little as the leaves became wetter, and hopefully the piles will still be there tomorrow for me to collect up on what is forecast to be a pleasanter day. The woodland floor is a glorious carpet of leaves, a golden tapestry that I have left undisturbed

Increasingly I have turned my creative instincts back to the kitchen. I spent some time yesterday searching for jars to house the loganberry jam I was about to make, although why I kept looking after I found 6 I don’t know as I was using 3lbs of loganberries and 3lbs of sugar so couldn’t expect miracles and in fact only used 5 of them. Having already completed my Christmas cards (it gets harder each year to come up with inspiration, but they are stitched this year, so that’s new) to send to people I don’t see much during the year, if at all, I decided on a project for making small gifts for some of the females in my life – felt flower brooches. The picture shows a blue one completed (no pin attached yet), with some others cut ready to stitch;  I came to a temporarily halt today, however, due to the over-dominance of pinks and greens amongst my embroidery threads!

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3 Responses to A Creative Path

  1. Love your pin cushion! I have one exactly the same:) I enjoy your blog! Take care, Anna

    • Cathy says:

      Glad you enjoy the blog Anna – it’s good to get feedback. My Mum has a pincushion like this too but hers probably came directly from China in the 1930s or 40s and is now minus a lot of the sawdust stuffing, whereas mine came from a Chinese import shop in the mid 1970s. Gosh – that makes it nearly 40 years old and me nearly 40 years older than I was then!!!!

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