Famille Jaune

These ‘lemon’ tomatoes have been sitting on the kitchen window sill for 3 or 4 weeks, clearly resolved to wait for my back to be turned before they themselves turned from green to yellow – which they now have. It struck me yesterday what a yellow group it was in that little corner of the kitchen – 5 yellow tomatoes randomly placed but actually forming an inwardly pointing grid, 3 citrine points and one citrine bed. The citrine is there as a ‘nod’ to feng shui, this window sill being in the far left corner of the house, believed to be the Wealth and Blessings sector (in some systems this would be the south east sector). Citrine is reputed to bring abundance (the points are pointing into the house), as well as cleansing, regenerating and bringing self-confidence – I know little about feng shui, but I do have a good knowledge of crystals which is why there are some big specimens outside, supporting me and what I do in the garden.

The tomatoes are from plants given to me by a friend and these are the only fruit from them to have reached full size (the largest is about 5cm in length); I will be interested to cut into one now they are ripe ….. (offstage a knife slices one in half)….. mmm …. crisp and juicy, tangy with a sweet aftertaste. Very nice.

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  1. croftgarden says:

    I might raise a sceptical eyebrow at feng shui and crystals but your tomatoes are fantastic!

  2. What fascinating looking tomatoes, I am intrigued. Will have to look them up, I love trying new varieties, and now that I have not one, but two greenhouses…

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