That Will be Two Guinées, Please

After a flurry of activity last weekend I have found very little time to continue with it since then, but I do now have a small job lined up for tomorrow – planting these two climbing ‘Guinée’ roses from Peter Beales. These are replacements for two of the same variety that didn’t survive the transition to the new rose garden, having been forcibly removed from their old home and heeled into temporary sanctuary over much of the winter; the four ‘Zephérine Drouhin’ that had the same treatment have been fine and are all currently still flowering. The two ‘Guinée’ that did survive, one of which was an earlier replacement from a previous demise, are looking very spindly – still alive, but not very active – and I found myself belatedly wondering whether I could perhaps have replaced all four with a more reliable deep red climber like ‘Dublin Bay’ or ‘Josephine Bruce’. I note in Peter Beales newest catalogue that there is a lovely modern climber called ‘Highgrove’ introduced from HRH Prince of Wales’ private garden which has prolific deep garnet red flowers and sounds divine. But no, ‘Guinée’ has such a lovely muddled shape and a wonderful smell, and with gentle nurturing will settle and do wonderfully – I have every confidence that this will be so.

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