A Port for a Storm

Although we had less rain than some parts of the country last month the ground in the chucks’ enclosure has become increasingly waterlogged and we come back six inches taller every time we pay them a visit to get them up, feed them, deprive them of their egg (yes, singular at the moment, but better than none), and put them to bed. They had only come out from sheltering under their Eglu for this picture because I had brought them some yummy potato peelings. There have been short periods when the ground has been claggy before, but many more times when it has been rock hard and we have had to fork it over to expose worms and other wriggly goodies; it has certainly never been as persistently muddy in all the years we have had chickens. Not much fun for us, but of course not much fun for them either, so action was needed – the Golfer put on his Design Engineer hat and has drawn up a plan for a ‘chicken port’ (like a car port but with more feathers), and is unloading timber for the framework as we speak. Me? I have Paul Hollywood’s technical challenge hand raised pies* in the oven…..

* for the uninitiated, it’s a recipe from the Great British Bake Off!

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2 Responses to A Port for a Storm

  1. Nice little house they’ve got there!

    • Cathy says:

      The Eglus come in several colours so I could have dithered a bit when deciding which to have, but then I realised that they should have a pink house just like we do – our neighbours wouldn’t have chosen to paint their house pink like we did, and although the chickens didn’t have a choice I haven’t heard them complaining (not about their house, anyway!).

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