New Homes

I finally got round to planting my early-birthday-present Trachelospermum asiaticum today, so it no longer stares at me accusingly every time I go out of the back door. You can just make it out behind the bench on the cobbled circle which is edged by the blue & white borders. I dithered about the location mainly because the ‘asiaticum’ is meant to be a much creamier white than the ‘jasminoides’ which I had before. Apart from this it is an ideal spot, catching the sun for much of the day, with an expanse of fence to sprawl over. The brushwood was intended to be a quick and cheapish short term boundary whilst I put the garden changes into place earlier this year, but in fact this was the only section it was used for in the end, and I shall live with it for a bit before deciding its future.

I have also potted up most of the tulips that were still outstanding, pushing some of them into pots that contain roses (including some lovely dark ones in the pot with the ‘Munstead Wood’ that we can see from the kitchen window), thus saving the effort of filling other pots. As I worked, I found myself eyeing up trimming and clearing jobs with more than a little pleasure, the desire to get on with such seasonal activities having  been triggered by yesterday’s epiphany.

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3 Responses to New Homes

  1. paulinemulligan says:

    Hope your Trachelospermum is happy in its new home, I can just imagine you sitting on your bench, surrounded by the most delicious perfume, you won’t want to get up and do any work!!

  2. Cathy says:

    Did you have your tongue in your cheek as you wrote that, Pauline?! We have…let me see…9 benches in the garden, plus the sitooterie, but do I ‘sit oot’ at all? ‘Fraid not. Perhaps 9 benches are excessive in the circumstances, do you think? Lovely idea though – do you think the fragrance of the trachelospermum will be hypnotic enough to do the trick?

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