Take a Leaf….

We took advantage of some free tickets for The Craft Show at the NEC today, although the price hike for car parking hardly made them free (now £10 – be warned). I haven’t been before and although there were some things of interest it was heavily biased towards cardmaking and little in the way of traditionally ‘masculine’ crafts – the male role today seemed to be largely chauffeuring and bag carrying, although I am sure there are many men who do make cards and  jewellery and knit. It made me realise how much I prefer to buy bits and pieces through the internet from the comfort of my own home, without being jostled about – not that I was looking for anything in particular. We mostly kept our hands in our pockets apart from entering some free draws, although I did pause at some of the bead stalls as I make my own earrings and found some more of these leaf ‘beads’:
I bought some through the internet several years ago (but they were priced per leaf  then, 15-20p or thereabouts), and strung them up on plastic thread in the garden:
I can now extend and elaborate on the original feature which seems to have lost some of its original strands anyway. Apparently the beads now come from China, which is why the cost is so much less than it was, and although they are obviously designed to be used in necklaces and earrings, they can be quickly and easily made into a simple art feature for the garden too.

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2 Responses to Take a Leaf….

  1. kate says:

    Oh good, someone else who feels like I do. There’s only one show I really enjoy (Wonderwool Wales) and I feel much the same about gardening shows. Too many people, too many rip offs, a few offers are not sufficient compensation. And then you pick up something like the leaves… hmmm….

    • Cathy says:

      The internet is such a huge marketplace and the search engines make finding what you are looking for so much easier, even if you are not sure what it it is in the first place! I ‘treated’ myself to Gardeners’ World Live this year and quickly remembered why I had only ever been once before! I probably dabble in so many different ‘making’ things that a whole knitting show might be a bit overwhelming, but I am pleased to have actually started knitting again recently (see posts mentioning the wedding garter) – I am working myself up to a bigger knitting project but I am not sure what yet….

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