Asters, please…? (EOMV)

October, tiring now,
Passes the baton,
Relieved to relinquish
Responsibility of care.
Spent loganberries
Frame the later fruiting raspberry
Whilst tomatoes proudly defy
Scant watering
And courgettes admit defeat.
Roses make an effort too
(hard work), but while
more tender plants
Bloom comfortably on,
Sheltered from the cold,
The hot borders are cool.
Yet autumn becomes the woodland
And its edges, these borders
Proud of their foliage,
Blooms not required.
The main borders, however,
Barely whimpering,
Beg for colour –
Asters, please…?

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2 Responses to Asters, please…? (EOMV)

  1. Asters do help to make up for the bare spots. My mums have almost finished blooming. They may last another week. They certainly add a lot of color.

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