Right Place, Right Time

I posted a picture of this Persicaria ‘Red Dragon’ earlier in the week on Garden Bloggers Foliage Day, commenting on how unassuming it was, just getting on with its life without complaint. Walking past it since then, though, I have realised that it hasn’t always been quite at home as this, perhaps sprawling beneath other foliage – and yet now it isn’t even the 2ft/60cms I suggested, but taller again, standing proudly above the rest of the border and clearly happy with its lot. This Red Dragon is so obviously in the right place at the right time, having seen off any earlier periods of unsettledness and uncertainty it is now at peace with the world and flourishing.
It made me think that we can be like that too, perhaps struggling or plodding through life when things are tough or uncertain, learning and becoming stronger from our experiences, until the time is right and things fall into place so we too can begin to flourish. There was certainly a ‘right time’ for the Golfer and I to get together and this is indeed the right place, for now we are truly flourishing and the energies of our home and garden here are a reflection of this relationship. Sometimes, though, one has to Trust that there WILL be a right place and time, and that isn’t always easy.

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