Green Pepper, Orange Pepper

I have taken the plunge and picked the pepper, all 248g and 30cm girth of it – an astonishing creation, given that it has not received any special attention. I have also picked another 2lbs (mixing measurements!) of ripe tomatoes, bringing the total to over 16lbs – not bad from only 4 Gardeners’ Delight plants and the tiny but prolific fruits of the currant tomatoes. I know a lot of people say their tomatoes have done poorly this year, but ours have clearly enjoyed something about our greenhouse and the vagaries of our 2012 summer – I cannot profess to have been diligent about watering and feeding either. Even The Golfer has been seen voluntarily putting tomatoes in his sandwiches!

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3 Responses to Green Pepper, Orange Pepper

  1. paulinemulligan says:

    Lovely when plants do better than expected, also wonderful that they have done so well without any extra attention.

  2. croftgarden says:

    I’ve obviously get my pepper cultivation technique all wrong. Mine are all small and stubbornly green. it is a race against time to see if they will turn red or wrinkle to inedibility as they sit in the window. Green-eyed monster get behind me!

  3. Cathy says:

    Honestly, Chris, it IS only one – the other plant has has one very misshapen green offering that for some reason is starting to rot. And there was definitely no special treatment! I now have to come up with a delectable dish worthy of using this pepper in – any suggestions?

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