Cottage Industry

I am waiting for the extremities of this orange pepper to ripen before I decide what to with it – it is astonishingly large although I am not sure if it is meant to be a particularly large-fruiting variety. The plant came from the same person who gave me the unusual tomato varieties, and I know she often successfully saves seeds from supermarket varieties she has been impressed with, and I suspect this may be the case with this pepper. I will have to do something specific with it, rather than chopping it up and mixing it into something else.

I am still picking tomatoes in the greenhouse, but have made my last batch of tomato chutney for this year, and posted the recipe on my new ‘In the Kitchen’ page. Any remaining tomatoes that we don’t eat fresh I shall freeze – I used some of those from last year earlier in the summer when I ran out of chutney! I have also posted the recipe for the apple cake I made last week.

The next few months in the kitchen will be as industrious as ever for this time of year, as now the chutney is done I will start thinking ahead to Christmas things. This will be the second year my family will be having an early Christmas get-together in October, to save my mother travelling in December, so I have a pudding to make for that, and I usually make mincemeat early to give it a chance to mature. I gave a number of small edible (or drinkable) gifts last year so I await some inspiration for those. When we built the extension we had the space to create a large kitchen so I actually spend the greater part of the day here – so as well as cooking and blogging the kitchen is home to many creative activities (and to afternoon naps for The Golfer). Currently I am creating a wedding garter for Elder Daughter.

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  1. croftgarden says:

    I was hoping that you would start posting your recipes – so thank you.
    I’ll admit to “pepper” envy – mine are small and green – but that’s an improvement on last year!

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