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When I strolled round the garden this morning I wondered at what point in my last job I stopped finding time to have that walk before I went out. It sounds ridiculous, when it’s only a few minutes or perhaps a little longer if there is a new distraction, but presumably it was symptomatic of the way Work dominated my thoughts for most of my latter years there, and even though I was better than most at ensuring a reasonable work-life balance it couldn’t stop me thinking about it! I met up with some ex-colleagues yesterday, only one of whom is still working, and all of us escapees agreed that it was hard to know where the time goes now, as there is more than enough to fill it – I for one don’t know how I previously managed to find time to work as well as all the other activities I kept up with. I certainly have a better quality of life now – the same activities, but better, and time to take on new interests as well.

It is unlikely that I would have noticed this Colchicum ‘Water Lily’ if I was still working – I’d commented a few weeks ago on Patient Gardener‘s post about colchicums, mentioning there was no sign of mine yet, so it was an exciting moment to spot the sneaky purple intruder this afternoon. I had just started the long slog of planting 500 Tête à Tête daffodils (OK, Narcissus) next to the stream and under the apple trees when I saw it – it’s a double variety and doesn’t respond well to the rain, so is usually a mass of flattened petals when I first realise it’s back for the autumn. It’s been another sunny day today, with lots of blue sky, but I wouldn’t say no to a sharp downpour now to flatten the soil after all my digging! I was watched intently by one of our resident robins and a juvenile blackbird, keen to gobble up any readily accessible worm, and also next door’s bantams, still unsure whether the grass is greener on our side of the fence!

The bulbs arrived during the week (from Peter Nyssen, an economical way to bulk buy bulbs), and I still have various allium, brodiaea, species tulips, Gladiolus colvilli and Gladiolus byzantius to plant, as well as prepared hyacinths for my various hyacinth vases (I still persist with them every year, but with little success!), but they can all wait for a bit. I wanted to get the Tête à Tête in so I could turf the bank of the stream and spread bark under the apple trees. Definitely a job well done today and I shall treat myself to a soak in the bath tonight with some essential oils and a new magazine!

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  1. Last week there was no sign of my Colchicums, but yesterday one group had popped through where they get quite a bit of light. Others which are in the shade- no sign at all, I think it will be another few weeks before they show themselves.

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