Short Back and Sides (the magnolia gets a haircut)

I wondered if The Golfer had been furtively looking over my shoulder this morning when I was replying to a comment and talking about having to lop trees, as he suddenly announced this afternoon that he was going to lop the holly. After a discussion we compromised and he put on his Tree Surgeon hat (a figurative hat only) and lopped the magnolia, this being the less problematic option – and we now have daylight (and several bags of prunings – I love those trips to the skip)! I shall judiciously and aesthetically prune the lower branches, as The Golfer doesn’t do aesthetics.

After a cool and clear night with a beautiful moon it was a relatively chilly start to the day with some localised mist, but it promised to be fine and sunny later on and this proved to be the case. I took advantage of this and mortared gaps between the rocks in the stream which were staying put, to try and prevent soil being washed into the stream as well as to prevent seepage or capillary action. I’ll give it a few days to dry out before we start the pump up again – I think it’s meant to stay dry this week.


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5 Responses to Short Back and Sides (the magnolia gets a haircut)

  1. I’m envious of your tree trimming apparatus–the one you are standing on in the photo. Is that designed for tree-trimming?

  2. paulinemulligan says:

    What a nice sturdy platform you have for standing on, to lop your trees. Could do with that for getting at our bushes at the side by the field, they are supposed to be a hedge but are rapidly becoming trees!

    • Cathy says:

      It’s a scaffolding tower, a most useful bit of apparatus given to us when we were building our extension by someone who had less space to store it than we did. It’s brilliant for this and for hedge trimming too (and house painting, and roof tiling, etc….), and much easier to work from than a ladder. It’s worth taking up space in the shed to have it to hand when we need it – no idea how much they would be to buy, but worth looking for second hand?
      Let me hasten to say that it is The Golfer up there (I am avoiding being any pictures!) and not me, although I do have a pair of similar overalls which I don for all my ‘dirty jobs’ and am a dab hand at climbing scaffolding myself but I certainly wouldn’t be seen in a woolly Blues hat (and I don’t have a beard)!

  3. kate says:

    I’m envious of your platform too, especially as this is the time of year for the Annual Hedge Argument. I start by gentle hints around July, move onto more obvious statements during August, and by now I’m saying things like ‘Just go and borrow the ******* scaffolding’ in very firm tones. Next, strategic withdrawl of cake.

    Doesn’t this sort of trimming make a wonderful difference?

    • Cathy says:

      Interesting tactics, Kate! I am fortunate, as sometimes I have to be careful when I start mulling over an idea that The Golfer/Tree SurgeonHandyman/etc doesn’t rush off and do it straight away without getting the full picture! Seriously, though, we are both very practical and make a good team. And yes, I saw some sunlight on the tai chi lawn this morning!

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