Just a Grain in the Cosmos

I have been watching this cosmos grow since it first appeared in my blue & white border – I grew some cosmos from seed last year, but not in this part of the garden, so have no idea how it got here, whether it was a wind blown seed or came with some compost from our heap or a used seed tray. It won’t be blue, and the chances are it won’t be white either, but I am leaving it stay as it is such a healthy plant, far bushier than any of those I grew last year! I was intrigued, though, when I was taking today’s photograph, to find a fully grown head of grain next to it, possibly wheat,  not yet ripe though. The same uncertainty applies to it – has it been brought by birds from a local field, or did it come in bird seed? And why have I only just noticed it?!

It’s been a dampish day after what turned into a pleasant day yesterday, so I limited myself to clearing a bit more of the gunge from the stream bed and checking the greenhouse. There are some more tomatoes beginning to ripen, and if we have the hot weekend we are forecast they will be further encouraged.

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