Constant Constance

(For some reason this post disappeared overnight, apart from the title, so I am repeating the essence of it).

There could only be one contender for today’s picture, with Clematis alpina ‘Constance’ in full flower like this – the pillar of colour was outstanding! Unfortunately tomorrow it will face the ignomy of having to be uprooted and temporarily potted, as I clear the last of the plants from this herbaceous border as part of the changes I am making to that part of the garden. The sunshine of recent days (despite alternating with patches of grey in April’s attempt to live up to its showery reputation) has meant I have made great progress, with much soil shovelling, brick cleaning and bricklaying. Reusing bricks from previous retaining walls I have built (which in turn were recycled from elsewhere) and  replanting the majority  of the existing plants has meant the new borders instantly  look as if they have been there some time. It has also given me the opportunity to cull the self-seeded alliums and aquilegias.

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